About Us

The New York State Local Government Information Technology Directors’ Association (NYSLGITDA), a 501(c) (6) nonprofit organization, is dedicated to the coordination and improvement of information technology to carry out public services in Municipal, School, Community College, BOCES, and Authorities in New York State.

NYSLGITDA, currently with over 75 government members, furthers the interests of those engaged in local government information technology services by:

  • Providing a trusted forum for information sharing (semiannual conferences and Google group listserv)
  • Promoting cooperative relations among state and local government information technology directors
  • Advising all government agencies and officials concerning the use of information technology
  • Fostering collaborative research among members and to encourage education, training and projects in the field of local government information technology
  • Assisting local governments in their use of information technology
  • Sharing sound general principles for computer system development and us
  • Maintaining contact information for NYS local governments and making that information available to members

NYSLGITDA actively engages with a range of NYS agencies and works closely with NYS Office of Information Technology Services to mitigate the impact of NYS system implementations while working to improve the intended results. NYSLGITDA also works with academic institutions specifically, CTG UAlbany, a research institute, to foster and facilitate local government innovation.

NYSLGITDA has grown in numbers and strength since the incorporation in 1995 because of the dedicated, enthusiastic involvement of its members and the relationship with trusted partners.  We look forward to many more years.



Our goals and objectives are designed to maximize individual growth of our members and their organizations while also growing our organization.

  • Assist local governments in their use of information technology
  • Promote sound general principles for computer system development and use
  • Maintain an information file concerning local government in the State of New York and to make that information available to members
  • Advise all government agencies and officials concerning the use of information technology at all levels of local government
  • Maintain information concerning vendors of equipment, supplies and services, and to make that material readily available to members
  • Encourage, facilitate and monitor the sharing of computer technology and techniques among its members
  • Provide a continuing source of training for members and local government officials

Our history

As we go back through the early years, our organization was originally called NYSLGDPMA (New York State Local Government Data Processing Management Association). Early meetings dating back to 1981 were held in Canandaigua Lake, Binghamton, the Saratoga Holiday Inn, Niagara Falls and the Counties of Otsego, Onondaga and Monroe were most active. Some of our County participants were one, two or three person shops. And at one time, there were joint meetings with NYSAC. Where our organization first met is still unanswered as is how many folks attended.

We are still missing other great points of history. It would appear that there was an early meeting in Rochester with maybe twelve or fifteen people present. Also, in the early days there would only be one meeting a year. We do have records indicating that in December 1981, Volume 1, Number 1 of a Newsletter labeled simply ‘N.Y.D.P.’ was published. It mentions that at the Fall seminar, the following officers were elected: President, Thomas DePrima, Saratoga; VP, Carl Ruppert, Rensselaer/City of Troy; 2nd VP, John Cooley, Ontario, and Secretary, James Brady, Chemung. We also have a letter from January, 1982 which uses the ‘NYSLGDPMA’ acronym and lists Carl Ruppert as ‘acting’ President.

From May, 1984, we have the organizational minutes for the ‘NYSLACDPIBMUG’ (NYS Local and County Data Processing IBM Users Group), held at the Ramada Inn in Niagara Falls. Then president Jack Tarr called the meeting to order and the new officers were President, John O’Brien, Niagara; VP, David France, Monroe; and Secretary/Treasurer, Lee Dorsey, We are pretty sure this was a different group. In any case, they formed a committee at this meeting to develop and new acronym – but came up with ‘NYSCCDPIBMUG’…. Makes our current NYSLGITDA seem short and sweet!

On May 6, 1996 we were first officially incorporated and our name changed to NYSLGITDA. The banner that we use today was also introduced at that time. The by laws were then completed by year end 1996.

Thanks to Debbie Button, Stan France, Michael Deubert, Vince Ercolani and Rich Caunitz, our researchers, historians and prior webmaster for the above information. We are still looking for more information as to the history and events of the organization. If you can recall those great moments in NYSLGITDA history, please contact us so we can continue to add to our history.